Dr. Abhang Prabhu Tutorials


Pauras Pritam Smita Mhatre,
Student at Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital,
APT – NEET 2019 Batch.

“Dr. Abhang Prabhu’s Tutorials for Biology has made a substantial difference in my progress and success. Dr. Abhang Prabhu and his teammates have not only made me enable to go further in academic life, but also made a positive impact on overall personality of mine. Dr. Abhang Prabhu was one of the few who believed in me right from the very beginning, belief that I could achieve something substantial. Irrespective of status of marks during those intial days, Sirs and Ma’ams always gave me a thrust to go on improving every time, even if the improvement per day was small, it compounded to huge net gain in terms of marks, confidence and worldly exposure. It was the care and support given, which led this boy having a bit inferiority complex in the big city of Mumbai to “Just Do it”. All the lectures and teaching were quite crucial in developing my concepts in the subjects. Being a little antithetical, everything was being spoon-fed and involved high amount of mental work, both simultaneously. Each lecture and test gave me something or the other to learn from. The doubt solving sessions were truly amazing where I always learnt simpler and quicker approach to questions, rightly helping me in entrance exams. There have been times of positive and negative deviations from the dynamic equilibrium in this course, but I have learnt to be confident and stay motivated all the time, thanks to Sirs and Ma’ams who constantly were the pillars of support. Dr. Abhang Prabhu – a real manifestation of intelligence in himself, always gave an insight on long term learning, concept building, who has a solution to every problem of your life. The beauty with brains, sweetest Dr. Phemie Fernandes made us babus feel comfortable so as to enhance the learning process along with her immense knowledge about MCQs. Dr. Sagar Gudhka, the master of vivas and clinical case description, truly enabled us to analyse our studying efficiency and correct the mistakes and to have a practical insight various medical issues, respectively. One cannot forget giving credits to amazing Prof. Nayan Khanolkar for his immense practical experience and narration of the same that enabled students to have a widespread approach to the beauty of Biology. Prof. Nikesh Bhargava, indeed an ocean of knowledge, to give more and more as you churn it, with his amazing diagrams and board work to simplify flabbergasting topics like Anatomy of Flowering Plants or Genetics. Finally, the ever smiling, fabulous Prof. Forum Maru Shah, who with her integration of technology with formal teaching, interesting mnemomics and tunes to concepts, etc. made even topics like Unit 10 mesmerizing. At this point of time, being in Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital, I am truly nostalgic and miss all the experiences of being a part of APT, and moreover, mesmerize the magnificent amount of hardwork and efforts the professors of APT have taken for us all. To end with, I would like to take this golden opportunity to thank everyone in APT for being a part of my life and request to continue showering your choicest blessings in the days to come.”