Dr. Abhang Prabhu Tutorials


Aarya Jain

I am indebted to Prabhu sir, Sachin sir and the entire biology team for their dedication and untiring efforts, which enabled me to ace NEET. Their innovative teaching methods and approachable nature turned esoteric concepts simple and made learning fun. Regular doubt solvings and rigorous tests instilled confidence in me, which was instrumental in cracking the exam. I have immense gratitude to the entire faculty of passionate teachers and support staff for everything they have done in my NEET journey.

Gauri Bendre

I, Gauri Bendre, would sincerely like to convey my regards to Dr. Abhang sir, Sachin sir and the whole Apt team. The most crucial two years of my life were made not only easy but also memorable because of their efforts. The interactive lectures, carefully designed prelim papers and various fun mnemonic is something I would always remember about APT!

Thank you

Vedika Joshi

There are no words to describe the support we have received from Prabhu sir and his team. Despite the online classes initially, they made us feel as if it were the actual classes. Their love for the subject reflected on how beautifully they taught us, and also made us love the subject. Their relentless hard work and their connection to the students helped us excel and achieve the best and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

Laira Siddiqui

We are eternally grateful of the exceptional guidance, in dept concept teaching, regular doubt sessions, remarkable test papers and revision lectures provided by Dr.Abhang sir, Sachin sir and team which helped me to achieve a perfect biology score in NEET 2023. They assisted me in analysing my mistakes and rectifying it. A big thanks to the entire biology team for always believing in me and contributing greatly in my success.